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Do you struggle with siloed teams and limited visibility into your business operations? This can lead to inefficiencies, decreased profits, and missed opportunities for growth. But there’s a solution.

At Future State, we are experts in business development, helping companies like yours to generate more profits and create a more seamless and effective operation. Our approach is rooted in breaking down silos and fostering collaboration, so you can see the bigger picture and identify areas for improvement.

Say goodbye to the chronic cough of inefficiency and hello to a thriving and profitable business. With Future State by your side, you’ll have the tools and strategies you need to succeed in today’s competitive landscape. Let’s work together to create a brighter future for your company.”

Director Profile

As an author, award winning thought leader, and engineering expert, Shay specializes in systems thinking and applies this methodology to improve business performance.

With his first business, a renewable energy company, Shay learned the value of systems thinking during the global recession of 2008, where he and his partner turned their business around using this approach. Now, Shay uses his experience to help companies of all sizes, from large multinationals like Boston Scientific and J&J, Financial institutions to indigenous small to medium enterprise.

Shay’s commitment to honesty and overdelivering has earned him a reputation as a trusted advisor. He shares his expertise through his blog, media outlets like Business and Finance, and by working closely with clients to avoid the common mistakes that can hinder success.

As a recognized thought leader and award-winning professional, Shay’s formula for success can help you achieve the results you desire and is the driving force behind Future State