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The pandemic has taught us the importance of speed and agility in the healthcare industry. To thrive in this changing landscape, organisations need to focus on optimizing their operations and removing bottlenecks to improve performance.

At Future State, we work with healthcare clients to build speed throughout their operations, without sacrificing quality. Our team of experts helps organisations optimise their end-to-end supply chain, from clinical trials to delivery, to ensure peak performance.

With the cost of healthcare on the rise, it's more important than ever to focus on optimising operations. We help organisations grow their value and activities, not internal bottlenecks or issues.

Our approach goes beyond incremental improvements. We help our clients set aggressive performance targets and identify new opportunities to drive growth. We're not just about doing things better, we help you do better things.

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"5 Million in Annual Savings and Doubling Capacity: A Success Story of Streamlining Operations"


A pharmaceutical company was facing a significant problem. The current operating facility had no capacity to meet market requirements and increasing capacity through building a new custom-built cleanroom would take two years and result in substantial costs and delays. This would lead to a loss of market share, making the new cleanroom too little too late, with the risk of being redundant when built.


Future State was called upon to solve this issue. A cross-functional team was set up with experts from compliance, regulatory, quality, ergonomics, and engineering. The team created a detailed process map of every step of the process and conducted a thorough review from all angles. From there, the team developed a new hyper-efficient process that met all regulatory requirements, was optimised for quality and efficiency, and was compliant with best practices for process design. The process was piloted offline to validate its capabilities, and a roadmap for implementation was created, including the management of the implementation.


The new process was a resounding success. Capacity requirements were achieved within the existing cleanroom in just four months, launch date requirements were met, and the company generated $5 million in savings per year through FTE efficiency gains. The process was so successful that it was replicated in all plants throughout the world, and the client won CPD Company of the Year for the most innovative process.


This case study demonstrates the impact that Future State can have on solving capacity challenges in a highly controlled environment like a pharmaceutical company. By using a cross-functional team of experts and creating a hyper-efficient process, Future State was able to achieve significant results in a short amount of time, resulting in substantial cost savings and improved performance.”