Navigating the New Normal: Empowering Professional Services to Thrive in a Digital & Hybrid World

The professional services industry has faced substantial challenges in recent years, particularly with the rapid pace of digitalisation and the shift to hybrid working. These changes have resulted in disruptions in performance, collaboration, client satisfaction, and talent retention.

For small to medium-sized professional service organisations, these challenges can be overwhelming and unaffordable. But there is hope. By leveraging the new way of operating through optimisation of people, process, and performance, these organisations can stay ahead of the curve and continue to deliver the high-quality services their customers expect.

At Future State, we understand the complexities of the professional services industry and the impact of the changing landscape. Our team of experts is dedicated to helping our clients navigate this change and emerge stronger and more resilient. From optimising people and processes to delivering performance improvements, we will work with you to bring your organisation to the forefront of the change curve.

Don't let the challenges of digitalization and hybrid working hold you back. Partner with Future State and lead the way through change.

Future State Consulting: Transforming Business Performance in a Challenging Environment


A mid-sized professional services organisation faced numerous challenges in a rapidly changing business landscape, including increased competition, declining client satisfaction, and a shift towards remote and hybrid work. The company struggled to maintain its performance, as traditional methods and processes were no longer effective.


Future State was brought in to help the organisation optimise its people, process, and performance. Our team of experts leveraged a systems thinking approach to identify areas of inefficiency and develop a roadmap for transformation.


Assessed current processes and identified inefficiencies in people, process, and performance.

Developed a detailed process map of every step of the company’s operations and conducted a thorough review of each step with a cross-functional team.

Utilised the insights gathered from the review to create a new, hyper-efficient process that aligned with best practices and was compliant with all regulatory requirements.

Piloted the new process offline to validate its capabilities and performance.

Worked with the company to implement the new process and manage its implementation.


The new process resulted in substantial improvements to the company’s performance. Key outcomes included:

Increased capacity and efficiency, leading to substantial FTE gains

Improved client satisfaction and retention, resulting in a stronger market position.

Enhanced collaboration and teamwork among employees, improving overall morale and talent retention.

Substantial improvement in employee experience and satisfaction

Streamlined operations and increased control, even in a remote and hybrid work environment.


Future State successfully transformed a mid-sized professional services organisation into a more efficient and competitive entity. By leveraging our expertise in people, process, and performance optimisation, we helped the company overcome the challenges posed by a rapidly changing business landscape and reach new heights of success.