For any business employing Consulting Services, there has to be a return on investment and our Consulting Services are no different, in fact we wouldn’t exist if no returns were achieved.

At Futurestate we work with you to develop:

  • The Future State Vision of core processes
  • The Future State Vision for the business
  • The Future State Vision of your Team

But where do we start?

For us, implementing successful Programs involves 4 key Stages

1. Developing the Current State picture

Before you can get to where you need to be, you need to know where you are. Discovering your starting point involves analyzing the Current State of either the business or chosen processes. We work with you to develop a clear and precise picture of where you are today, based on facts and data.

2. Create your Future State Vision

Now that you have your starting point, we work with you on creating your vision. This vision needs to be realistic and within a reasonable time frame. We never encourage you to think too far ahead (your ideal Future State). The key here is to develop something that your team can visualize.


  • When it’s achieved, your team are motivated to complete more Lean Programs
  • When you think too far ahead, you may end up going down the wrong path, investing too much time, resources and money
  • When you achieve your Future State, your vision of the ideal Future State will no doubt change

3. Develop a plan to achieve

Sounds simple? However, many teams fail at this point through lack of good planning. Developing a system that will guarantee results is the key to success. At Future State we have our own Workflow Management System that focuses on GETTING THINGS DONE!

4. Rinse and Repeat

Most Lean systems and teams will stop after the 3rd stage. Many of these will have achieved good results by this point. Where we differ, is that we transfer our knowledge to your team as we execute the 1st program, so that on the 2nd program, we step back to a degree and allow your internal team to lead more.


This is the key to sustainable success for your business. Your team will become accountable for their own savings and will therefore achieve in the long term without relying on 3rd parties. The point at which we exit varies from business to business and from culture to culture. Over time, with the correct coaching, training and mentoring, your own team will be completely self sufficient.

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