Are You Stuck Working ‘IN’ Your Business, Firefighting Issues, Not Meeting Your Targets AND Leaving Things To Chance?

  • Is your Sales performance below par?

  • Are you firefighting, that is, putting out the same problems / fires day in & day out, blocking you from adding real value?

  • Do you wonder if your clients are adding any value to your bottom line?

  • Are you just stuck in a rut and just not sure what journey to take your business on anymore?

If you answered Yes to ANY of the above, I invite you to discover The Instinctive Thinking That is Holding You Back From Business Success!

I Want To Help You Increase Your Sales, Satisfy your Customers, and Systemize your Business so you can work ‘On It’ and not ‘In It’


This system contains the very best strategies and tactics used to turn around struggling companies and to support them scale and grow their business. Companies that have implemented the system you’re about to learn have SKY ROCKETED THEIR SALES while reducing work for the entire organization. Clients took massive action upfront to invest in the future of their business with great success.  If you’re serious and willing to invest the time and energy to not just learn the very best strategies for growing your business, and take massive action to implement…. then I invite you to read on about how this system can grow your sales while working less

I’m Shay Lynch, Published Author of “The Best Selling Book” Monkey Business and Director of Future State where we give your business back your time.

I have been either conducting Business Improvement, been a Business Owner or a Business Performance Advisor for the last 19 years and I have poured all my knowledge and experience into The Systematic Business SUCCESS Academy. See, there are only 2 real things in business – Sales and Operations. People say, “what about Finance”? Well, I believe if you get those 2 areas working in a synchronous fashion, the money will look after itself. Good cashflow and profits are a consequence of the strong performing business model I teach.

However, I have added a 3rd Area that extends beyond the confines of your 4 walls that will take your business to another level, your EXTENDED ENTERPRISE, your customers and your suppliers. So, not only do I teach you to Sky Rocket your Sales and Get your operations delivering on your Sales Promise, I will show you how to leverage your Suppliers and Customers to rise you above the competition and give you the competitive edge.

As a Business Strategist and Advisor for the past 19 years, I’ve learned that the #1 factor that determines whether a business succeeds or fails is NOT the market or economic conditions.

For a short period of time the Academy is being offered for a once off LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP fee of €997

After that there will be monthly recurring payments

The #1 Reason For A Business To Fail Is Because It’s Processes Are HIGHLY Inefficient!

The good news? As the business owner, manager, or director, these factors that affect your business are ALL WITHIN YOUR CONTROL..

For that past 19 years, I’ve helped companies get out of debt and grow their business during recessionary market environments by eliminating inefficient business processes and helping them IN ALL ASPECTS OF THEIR BUSINESS.

You see, as a business owner, manager, or director, there is a difference between working ON the business versus always firefighting and working IN it. If you’re always working IN the business, then YOU…as the business owner, leader, manager… will never have time to focus on growing and expanding your sales.

Most Businesses Spend Precious Resources‘Reacting To Routine Critical Tasks Needed To Run The Business’

I show businesses how to make a few adjustments in their processes to transform them into an efficient sales generating machine SYSTEMATICALLY.

In this program, I want to show you that more work does NOT equal more results!

In An Age Of Limited Resources… MORE Work Equals LESS Results!!

As an advisor to companies across the globe, I’ve come to realize that most companies, large or small, already have the resources they need to grow their business exponentially. Yet none of them were able to do it on their own. .

Why? Because they were expending 40-60% of their resources on reacting to problems, that is, firefighting issues that they SHOULDN’T be doing in the first place… instead of doing the one thing that matters for long term success in business – delivering more value and better service to the customer than anyone else!

So What Is Contained Within The Systematic Business SUCCESS Academy??


This Academy is divided into 3 Main Areas. In the Internal Mechanisms Area, there are multiple Video Series that take you through everything you need to know about getting your business flowing from the inside out. There are Video Series on developing & executing a strategy, how to create winning KPIs, measurements that drive the right behaviours and therefore results and how to “Rinse and Repeat” the processes you must do often and that are critical to your business. You will also learn how to effectively problem solve the major issues in your business so you can create capacity from within to conduct more business. There are modules on how you go about developing Winning Teams that WANT to perform and how you can develop strong relationships through effective communication strategies. This is a massive area, and an extremely powerful one, with tonnes of great videos that will guide you all the way through.


The next main area of the academy is all about your service – that starts with your branding, then your marketing and I have developed what I call a Systematic Sales process that systematically delivers sales success. Why is this important? Well, in the area on Internal Mechanisms, you are taught how to create new capacity. Here you are you going to FILL IT WITH MORE SALES. And when you do, it’s more Profit and that means the labour is essentially free – A DOUBLE WIN! Does that sound good? It’s doing more with the same, not the same with less..don’t rationalise your business, GROW YOUR BUSINESS!
This is the simplest way to Systematically Scale your business and you learn that through all the video modules that I have created for you.


Then there is an area dedicated to your Extended Enterprise. Who are they? They are you suppliers and your customers and you will learn exciting things about how to leverage them to improve and secure your business and FUTURE business. It’s about building partnerships with your Suppliers to create synergistic relationships. And it’s about how to build a business of VALUABLE CUSTOMERS, where you only provide value where it’s reciprocated – Win Win!

I’ve helped turn around companies and have saved them up to $5 million in operational costs and transform their business to where they were growing at a rate of 30, 40 and even 50% year over year.

How did I do it?

I worked with one or more of the key leaders, managers, owners of the business to help them expose where they were wasting precious resources (time and money) and helped them to restructure the key areas of their business that drive sales:

  • Finding The Right Profit-Maximizing Strategy For Your Company
  • Measuring Key Indicators to Drive Team Performance

As a business consultant, I would typically charge clients anywhere up to $3000 per day to help guide them step-by-step through these transformations. After years of consulting, I realized the broad impact that my system could have.

I wanted to create something more affordable. Something that anyone from a small business owner to a manager in a multinational corporation could afford and learn from the comfort of their own computer.

I want to take this system and help companies create exponential sales growth, eliminate unnecessary drains on their employees and resources, and to make breakthroughs in their own business.

And so, for that purpose, I’ve created…

The Systematic Business SUCCESS Academy

This Course will take you, Step-By-Step, through the EXACT method I used to turn around and scale these companies and how YOU can apply it to your business.

Included in the course are literally tonnes of interactive videos which will show you everything you need to know to eliminate work within your business, and to implement the proven strategies and systems to create more value for your customers and to sell more.

In addition to the videos, I’ve also included exact templates which go along with the videos that you’ll learn from to manage your business.

These templates have been improved over time during my work with small and large businesses to give to you the simplest and most effective way to manage your business to produce results in less time. And I will be continually improving them and adding to them so I can always provide you with great content.