Through my experience, I have worked on many processes and systems in many different verticals and while I’ve come across very bespoke and  intricate systems, generally the most complicated processes I come across are the sales systems. That may come as a surprise to most and many people have a very simplistic view of sales, however I’m here to tell you sales systems are one of the most intricate in business, WHY? Well there are a few reasons for this

  • Typically its an individualistic activity between sales agents therefore no standard approach
  • Many businesses don’t fully appreciate the complexity of all the
    • Moving parts
    • Different skill sets required at different stages of the funnel
    • Costs associated with the sale funnel (up to 95% of the sales process doesn’t lead to a sale)

When I start working on sales systems they are usually the most ad hoc ones in the business. However when we finish they are working like a well oiled machine. None of this is rocket science however when you start with an ad hoc process and systemise it, the potential for improvement is substantial and the 2 largest gains are

  1. Reduced cost of the sales system / funnel
  2. Improvement in conversions

How is this achieved?


When you build a sales system you are working logically through the activities from left to right along the funnel..

However, when you question everything you are working from right to left and asking

  • Why you didn’t get the order, so you can improve your proposal and presentation next time
  • Why you didn’t get many hot leads so you can go back and work on redefining what a lead means to your business
  • And then question are you doing the right campaigns, are you going to the right events and this boils down to, are you talking to the right people..

Feedback and questions are crucial to the continuous evolving sales system in your business and it should evolve as…

If you are not improving, in sales you are going backwards!