🔊So what does a good strategy look like? 🔊

Well before you do anything you should consider building a Strategy Framework. As I always say, you can’t go running off into the sun with your vision. You need a mechanism to ensure you cover all aspects of a strong strategy. You have a baseline to fall back on when you go off track.

✅ As that will happen

This is where building a strategy framework will deliver a successful strategy. When looking at your strategy framework, there are a number of key elements to consider:

🚀Your Vision

🚀You Goals to achieve that Vision

🚀The Programme of Works to deliver these goals

🚀The project and milestones under the programme of works 

🚀And the people

And within the programme of works, the key elements to deliver a successful and holistic strategy.

🎯 Customer focus

🎯 Performance/operations focus

🎯 People focus

Many strategies fall into the trap of just an outward focus.


⚙️Increase targets/market reach

But that’s only part of it when you just focus on that element. More often it will be at the consequence of your operation and people.

💥 It needs to be synergistic 

And you focus on your strategy framework, in the beginning, it ensures all elements will be considered. This then will give your strategy the best chance for success. Another key element to this is it will give you a clear vision of what needs to be done.

As this is something I do a lot with clients, I’ve created my own framework. Which I call the Strategy House of Excellence, In the video I walk you through an example of how it works. After we have done the groundwork (Step 1)

✅ I then like to work from the Moon shot vision – start with the end in mind

✅ Then paring it back to goals that are required to achieve it

✅ What programmes of work will achieve these goals

✅ What milestones and activities are required 

✅ And WHO is going to do it

Pay attention to the WHO – having the right people doing the right things is another key element to get right. There are so many variables to align when developing a strategy and that’s why I recommend building YOUR OWN Strategy Framework.

I hope this helps, If you have any questions, please get in touch

In the meantime, have a great day