Do you ever wonder why you are never achieving your true potential no matter how hard your business is working?

And while there could be many reasons why this is the case, 90% of these reasons fall back to having a sub standard strategy system.

If I was to ask you how you implement your strategy in your business, what would you tell me?

And even if I asked why do you think strategy is important, again what would you tell me?

In order to achieve your true success, you need a moonshot / blockbuster vision that is implemented with military precision.

There are few core macro components to building and implementing a successful strategy

1. Knowing and believing in your WHY

      1. Why do you exist why are you here?
      2. How are you going to protect your
        • Customers?
        • People?
        • Business?


2. Reaching for the stars and building that north star Vision.

      1. It has to be a moonshot blockbuster vision, otherwise why are you bothering, go work for someone else!!
      2. And the higher you set your vision the higher you will achieve!


3. Build your Strategy House of Excellence

      1. Breakdown your vision into key goals
      2. Breakdown your key goals into programme (POW) of works
      3. Breakdown your POW into projects / activities run by the most suitable personnel to do so – remember its a TEAM THING!


4. Close the Gap

      1. There is no point in building a plan that you are not going to measure
      2. Set realistic targets (on the stretch side) for monthly reviews
      3. Play a game called close the gap, ask questions like
        • What worked well this month?
        • What didn’t work well?
        • What do we need to do differently next month to