‘Don’t look to get it perfect before you start. Get it started and commit to continually improve’

Business Strategy is a big word for many. And for many, it’s knowing where to start. This results in alot of stress for business leaders and companies alike. What happens? More often than not, they don’t do it and continue on day to day, doing the same thing they’ve always done.

Does this sound familiar?

Do you think that is good enough?

Unfortunately, in this world, this is leaving things to chance! Something you can’t afford to. Business is precious and as I said in my last post, you need to protect your teams and customers like an army protects its fort and people inside it. It needs to executed with military precision.

The 1st thing I like to do with my clients is to map the core process in question, whether it’s a strategy or problem to solve. This gives everyone, including me, a deep understanding of how things are currently done.

At its core, it creates an end to end view, a crucial step so they can see that they are part of a chain. Along with that, they can see what they do has consequences, for good or bad, downstream. See most people work in a bubble, they are so busy they just want to get their job done and get home at a reasonable hour. With that it is very hard to see how what is happening before and after their activities.

This is no different to working a strategy. When in the development phase, it’s crucial to know exactly where you are today. This will determine the gap between where you are and where you need to be, from that, then the work needed to get there.

Knowing the starting point will help visualise the key milestones on your journey in achieving your MOONSHOT VISION.

This is a crucial step in starting your strategy journey on the right path. Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day, either will your Vision. Take your time in the beginning to get it started at the right place. It may not be perfect, but it’s not about being perfect.

It’s about getting it started, then committing to continually improving it.