Digging deeper in to the process of providing strong customer service, I want to share with you the 4 areas my clients continually improve upon to ensure they are doing their utmost to provide the best service they can to customers who add value to their business too, that Win Win I keep referring to, and will continue to do so.

Also at the heart of these 4 areas is the system of continuous improvement, why? Well simple, when you start doing this, you won’t be it absolutely correct, so your commitment is to continually improve your service delivery.

These 4 areas are all centered around

  1. How you listen to your customers
    1. Whether it’s just regular feedback or if it’s a complaint
  2. Then what are you going to do with that information, as in what ACTION are you going to take

Pleasing customers should be mostly a proactive exercise in your business and you can build simple processes and systems to do just that which you can watch in the video. However it’s also a reactive process for when things go wrong. Don’t make the mistake of not acting quickly or effectively. Yes things go wrong, however how your react will tell the customer exactly how you feel about them, and it boils back to that age old saying, actions speak louder than words!

Going back to the concept of valuable work, as you’ve read about in a previous post, there are 3 stages to delivering value to a customer

  1. Adding value before the sale
  2. Adding value during delivery
  3. Adding value after the sale

Getting the balance between these 3 stages again is crucial to delivering strong customer value and more importantly, creating long term relationships with customers so you give it the best opportunity of winning repeat business and for them to become an advocate for your business.

I find this area of business a great opportunity to systemise and really improve on your current positioning. I also find it one of the least explored areas so if this is you, you now have an opportunity to really improve on your customer service delivery.