Over the next few weeks, I’m excited to take you on a journey through the application of the CONQUER Method to my goal of running and completing an Ultra Marathon

There are a number of crucial variables that I need to assess, where I am today and what tools I can leverage to gain that understanding


Up until my 40s My sporting background has predominantly been in fast-paced activities like table tennis, tennis, soccer, and boxing. Transitioning to long-distance running has presented its challenges, especially considering past injuries that have permanently impacted my biomechanics. It’s a facet of my journey that demands utmost attention and care.



Health has always been a priority for me – I don’t pretend to be perfect,

I naturally gravitate towards a low carb diet as carbs bloat me

For what I am looking to achieve, this is not conducive

Addressing challenges

Addressing long-standing health issues, such as digestive concerns and cardiovascular health, has become paramount in my preparation. Challenges I should have sorted a long time ago (silly boy syndrome – ah it will grand)

Multiple diagnostic work

Digestive –

Turns out I have diverticulosis / duodenitis / gastritis / hiatus hernia

So I need to develop a protocol for this



Having previously had heart disease and grade 3 hypertension, this was important. Thankfully all good


Apparently, I have the nasal profile of a heavy drug user, low grade chronic infection and perforated septum.
I had a procedure 20 years ago, that caused this, and being a nasal breather, this is diverting airflow, drying the nasal cavity, causing that infection.

Since getting this fixed, my heart rate while running has reduced 20bpm – what the..

Who knew the impact on this

Genetic & Epigenetic Testing

I’ve had a complete  genetic & metabolic (epigenetics) profile completed

Why – well genetics (loading of the gun) and epigenetics / lifestyle (shooting of the bullet)

Of my genetics, I’m dealing with most challenges well through good lifestyle however I have discovered multiple challenges

Both genetic and metabolic tests tell me I struggle with oxidative stress, I eat plenty of foods that should support this, Also my body is struggling to absorb b vitamins – even though I eat plenty of foods that are loaded with them

Running form & economy

Collaborating with experts like Herb to enhance my running form and working on core strength with a seasoned ultramarathoner physiotherapist has been instrumental in refining my technique and endurance.

Mental Wellbeing / Stress

Addressing mental resilience and stress management is a crucial aspect of my preparation. While I embrace challenges and possess a high pain tolerance, I recognize the importance of managing stubbornness and ensuring that my pursuit of this goal prioritizes my overall health and wellbeing.

So as you can see, I’ve multiple challenges

Well, in assessing my current state, I’ve confronted multiple challenges head-on.

You could say, Shay why are you doing this..

My commitment to this Ultra Marathon extends beyond the race itself—it’s about addressing and improving every facet of my health and performance for the long term.


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