So far, we’ve explored three key elements of the CONQUER method:

C – Your Current Situation: Assessing where you stand across all areas of your life.

O – Your Objective: Defining what you aim to achieve.

N – The Nuts & Bolts: Breaking down activities into manageable steps – monthly milestones, weekly goals, and daily tasks, along with micro-steps for each activity.

⏩You might think, “That’s quite comprehensive, Shay!” However, even with this structured approach, there’s still an element of chance.

⏩The linear aspect of the CONQUER Method primarily addresses the logical steps towards achieving your goal.

While this can be quite effective for naturally competitive or high-achieving individuals, it may not yield the same success rates for everyone.

⏩Personally, I’ve found that while I thrive on challenges, and competitive by nature,

This method doesn’t always work for me.

I wanted a strategy that works consistently, regardless of one’s competitive nature.

💥And for that reason I call this the CON💥

We make assumptions about some things, and overestimate others

↪️Resilience & ability to overcome anything




↪️Willpower / motivation


↪️And so on

⏩These are elements we all consider when envisioning our future success.

However, the reality is often filled with hurdles that can evolve into roadblocks over time – some internal, others external.

This is where the next steps of the method come into play – holistic steps developed in conjunction with the initial three elements and spanning the entirety of your journey.

In the upcoming weeks, I’ll be diving into the following steps:

Q – Qualifying help

U – Unblocking obstacles

E – Endgame journey

R – Recognition & Reward

I hope this helpful to you all, I would love your feedback and if you have any questions, please get in touch


⏩ Join the Conversation – When have you fallen down in the past and what have you done to overcome hurdles?

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