Now that you’ve established your starting point, it’s time to understand

🚀Your destination, your moonshot.

This step revolves around creating a clear objective, a north star to guide your journey.

I always say think big, that’s the moonshot, something that will excite you, and also make you a little nervous.

And this crucial step is all about making that CONNECTION with it –


Some key strategies to support your moonshot include:

⏩ Visualisation:

Envision what achievement looks like for you, be as vivid as you can. Immerse yourself in the scene of accomplishment.

How does it make you feel?

Will it excite you beyond what you have experienced before?

⏩ Emotional Connection:

The visualisation is crucial to determine how much of an emotional connection you can make.

Continue to reflect on how achieving this objective makes you feel.

Tap into the emotions associated with success, allowing them to fuel your motivation and determination.

⏩ Personal Growth:

Consider how accomplishing this goal will facilitate your growth as an individual.

Visualise the person you’ll become through this journey and embrace the transformative potential it holds.

Also visualise all the new things you will have learn.
💎When I’m focusing on a new goal, I always make sure, I have to add ME to it, that is, I must commit to learning more about the things I love to learn about..
And more importantly, APPLY them.

⏩ Absorption: Meaning & Purpose

This step is not to be rushed; it’s about immersing yourself fully in the vision. Respect  it, empower it, allowing the seed of your aspiration to propagate and GROW.

Ensure it aligns with your overarching purpose and values, infusing deeper significance into your pursuit.

⏩ Prepare the Mind:

This stage is all about preparing your mind for the journey ahead.

Again, resist the urge to rush; instead, let the anticipation build organically.

We will talk more about this again.

⏩ Embrace Fear and Excitement:

It’s natural to feel a tinge of fear as you contemplate the challenges ahead. However, let this fear morph into excitement, igniting your passion for the journey that lies ahead.

⏩ Override Negative Thoughts:

Your brain is a protection mechanism and will absolutely attempt to sabotage your aspirations with negative thoughts and doubts.

Counteract these with the power of visualisation, reaffirming your commitment to your objective.

Again will talk more about this at future steps.

Remember, this step is about laying a sturdy foundation for your journey. Take your time, let the vision evolve, and allow yourself to be both scared and excited by the possibilities ahead.

Trust in the process, and allow your aspirations grow.


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