Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day

And either will your Goal SUCCESS

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been talking about the considerations

✅Yes they are IMPORTANT

✅Yes they are DIFFICULT

✅Yes you need FOUNDATIONS

✅Yes there is a DARKSIDE

✅And yes you need a SYSTEM

So before you even start the journey there is a lot to consider

So now we are on to the method

And over the next few months I’m going to talk about through the process,

Relating it to my OWN Goal this year

In the video I explain the CONQUER Method, and I believe you will find it unique

The 1st 3 steps of the method are sequential,

↪️Addressing the logic / mechanical side

So if you stop here, I call this the CON

You are not giving yourself the best chance of success

The remaining steps are holistic

↪️Addressing the emotional side, that is your



❤️And MUCH more

In order to achieve this, you NEED both

A way to get there

Driven by values & purpose

I hope this system resonates with you,

Over the coming weeks, I’ll be breaking down each step

And I’ll be aligning it to my MAIN goal this year

So I hope this will make it tangible for you


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