🔊 Strategy execution should be carried out with military precision 🔊

There is no point in having a great strategy and plan when you don’t execute it well. All elements need to play their part!

And this has been proven by many big failures from big brands. Kodak knew the future of photographs, they wrote white papers on it. But their strategy execution failed them. 

When you commence your execution, you won’t get it right

✅And that’s ok

✅The goal is not to get it right, it’s to get it started

And focus on continually improving it.

I call this ‘CLOSE THE GAP’ execution and that involves continuous assessment and tweaking. When you are forward planning it’s impossible to get it right.

I talk about setting targets a lot that starts with setting out the major milestones along your journey.

They are usually within 60 / 90 days, 90 days should be the limit. That is the perfect time to reconvene with your team to set the stage for the coming 60 / 90 days. But within that 90 days, you are going to break those targets down further.

You are going to set

🎯 Monthly

🎯 Weekly & 

🎯 Daily (if required)

When you don’t meet them, you continually assess, asking questions like:

What worked well❓

What didn’t work well❓

Is our strategy still relevant❓

What changes have happened externally and internally❓

The last question is crucial, as things change and again, that’s ok. The more you are in strategy execution mode, the more information you learn. Which results in the more you hone in on your understanding of your vision.

Every quarter, this is crucial to assess with your team. Everyone has opinions and ideas, the more you have the more you learn. It keeps them motivated and bought into the vision as they are a part of it.

So while I say strategy execution should be done with military precision. That precision is all about the continuous assessment and tweaking, it’s not a tunnel vision process. It’s all about taking in all the information around you and then ACTING ON IT!

If you have any questions, please get in touch. I’d love to help