Inevitably in sales, the powers that be will want to increase the amount of sales coming as these figures are always aligned to business growth for a multitude of reasons. That’s all well and good but it puts pressure on the sales system and the people working in it. I’ve of then been involved with projects and the sales manager would come out from a meeting and say we have to increase sales by for example 10%. Any one in this line of work I’m sure can relate to this

When we boil it down, there are mainly just a few reasons for this increase, the company needs to improve either their

  1. Profit margins by 10%      OR
  2. Market share by 10%

Usually its for profits unless you are playing a strategic military game with your competitors.

This is crucial to know as it impacts what drivers you can influence to achieve this goal.

Through all my experience, there are approx 5 drivers available to leverage and with that usually you can work very well with at least 3 of them, if not all 5.

This type of sales system is all about being smart and effective with your existing customer base!

What you will see in the video is an example based on 10% more profits and this very much relates to a particular project I worked on with a client which lead to excellent returns on their sales conversions and profit margins overall!