🔊So Shay what about your goals and objectives❓

This is a question I got posed by a few people. I talk about building visions and strategies but do I practice what I preach? In short yes

I don’t talk about setting goals

👊🏻I talk about ACHIEVING goals

🔥And you can’t walk the talk about achieving goals and objectives without systems

I have a very specific method to ensure I achieve my goals and objectives and then some. 

✅In fact I wrote a book on it👌and have created my own 7 Step process called CONQUER Your Goals to do just that. This is where I break goals down into their core elements. All the different and complementary activities I will need to do. So making improvements in many different elements leads to substantial gains

So for example training for a marathon is not just running as much as you can, it’s about

✅Developing a really good form so you become super efficient (thanks Herb Kieklak ☛ Coach K)

✅Improving lung capacity and oxygen uptake through multiple types of breathwork

✅Developing your mindset to battle through those tough times and runs

✅Different types of running sessions to maximise your time – improving output

✅Knowing the right type of food that will work for you. To give energy while running (even though I do all my runs fast from the day before) and more importantly how to recover.

✅And to do all this in a healthy fashion that doesn’t contradict my health goals

Why ❓

Because I’m fascinated with becoming excellent at many different things and always set myself new challenges every year that will take me well out of my comfort zone and more importantly, I’m fascinated with becoming the best version of me❤️

Do I contradict myself sometimes? you better believe it. That’s called living

I set multiple goals and objectives every year that spread across my business and personal life. I do this to ensure I keep things as balanced as possible and that I don’t get caught putting everything into 1 thing at the expense of all the other areas of my life. There will be time when 1 or 2 goals will supersede for a short period e.g. marathon training. But it’s for a relatively short time

✅Building on the WHY. For me, my goals and objectives are not just about getting to that finish line. It’s all about the journey, the event is the icing on the cake

My goals are designed to challenge me

💥Getting out of my comfort zone

💥Learning new things

💥Learning the most effective way to do things

💥Of who I have to become to achieve them

💥Growth is a non negotiable in anything I do

💥To become a better person

I’m a sucker for learning and I love a challenge. So bring it ON!!

I would love hear what kind of goals you have, so please share in the comments

In the meantime, have a great day ❤️

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