So you got the sale.. GOOD JOB!!

I’ve been working in sales along time, under many different guises, and there isn’t a better feeling in business then signing on the dotted line with a new customer.. it’s hard work, it truly is and anyone that works in sales knows exactly what I’m talking about..

But the work doesn’t stop there, and again going back to this word value, you need to be all over the aftersales process. Now if you truly care about your customers, you will do this naturally, however when you are busy and stretched its important to have a system in place to ensure it always happens. WHY? Well this has substantial implications on the success of the relationship going forward, on a number of levels.

  1. Future business with the same client
  2. Leveraging their network

And I don’t mean that in a greedy way. See in sales, if you are a truly honest sales person, who truly cares about your customers success, you do everything in your power to ensure you don’t just say you can solve their pains, you actually do it and then some…!!

You play in their play ground, know their wants and needs, and in the background figuring out how you can solve more of their pains. This is what value is all about, its the sales value system!

And when you demonstrate your value to your customers, why wouldn’t they do more business with you? On average cost relates to approx 30% of the reason a customer chooses you that means you have alot of scope to play with or alot of answering to do if you don’t take advantage of that. Give them a reason to stay with you by becoming a trusted partner and that absolutely involves lots of aftersales care!

Then when you’ve proved yourself over and over and they know you are a valued arm of their extended business, then the question becomes how you can help their colleagues the way you’ve helped them. This can be a natural evolution of the relationship or you can instigate, again in the mindset of adding true value, not to be greedy. Why wouldn’t they want to help their colleagues the way you’ve helped them. This is one example of the referral model in play and yes you need a system for this too.

One of the key things to remember, is this is now a 3 way relationship and everyone has to benefit from it!

And when you systemise these 2 processes you are adding very hot leads to your sales funnel – and further down that funnel, with little effort. Leads are expensive and it was expensive to get to this position, so maximise it  as long as you are adding true value, it’s a Win Win Win!

But REMEMBER, this only works when you are adding TRUE VALUE!



Systematic Sales – The Aftersales Process – Video Transcript

Hi Shay Lynch here
director of Future State.

Today’s video is all about after sales.

We spend a lot of time talking previously

about the sales funnel

and the systematic
approach of how you improve

your ability to get more sales

and more customers into
your business okay?

And just to give you a quick recap

when I’m talking about
helping companies with sales

I break it down into four key areas.

First of all is the demand
capture and lead generation

like you’re building everything

into the start in the funnel.

Then you start talking
about flushing goals

and dividing those leads into either

cold leads and hot leads

and hot leads again broken into two

are they buying now or buy later?

Do not forget the Buy Later.

Just because they’re not buying now

does not mean they’re not gonna buy

off you some time in the future.

And then when you go to your meetings

you’re doing your flushing

and you get to the stage
where you’re doing proposal

how do you make sure that
proposal is giving you

every chance of getting that order

by having a fantastic and strong

effective inquiry process
further back in the funnel.

Then when you’re lucky
enough because you put

fantastic work in

you get the sale.

What happens then?

Well most people would
go back to the start

of this funnel which is fine

it’s an extremely important process.

You know you have to
keep getting new sales

that’s fine that’s no problem at all.

I totally appreciate it

and a lot of times should
be devoted to that.

However one thing a
lot of people fail to do

is forget this aftersale process

and it is so important on many many many

different levels.

I’m going to talk about two in particular

in this video

because these are the two most important

reasons why you need a very
strong aftersales process.

And again as you know what I do

I map these out with my customers because

I leave nothing to chance.

I make sure we put the steps through

so then we can teach their sales team

and then they can reciprocate that out

on the business when
they’re on the ground

talking to their client

and managing and
developing their accounts.

And it’s not just managing

it’s developing.

And why is that?

Well when you got the sale right?

When you went through
all these four steps

macro steps lot of work underground

a lot more than that

part of that is showing
or convincing the customer

that you can solve their problems.

Cause that is the goal

you should always be
solving their problems.

When you can convince a
customer that you can

and you actually can

you will get the sale okay?

That is how sales work

it’s about issue pain pain relief.

That’s how you solve
problems for your clients

and get sales right?

However when you get the sale

it is so important to
ensure and get feedback

from your customers to ensure

that you are actually solving that pain

that you theoretically and
put together on a map for them

during the sales process.

This is uber important.

So you know that what you
said you were going to do

had the impact that you hoped it would

and your customer hoped it would.

So the first thing is request feedback.

If you did? Fantastic.

If you didn’t? What do you need to do

to ensure you deliver on that?

And that could involve
a bit of problem solving

on the existing process
or service delivery

that is fine

you keep tweaking that
until you absolutely

% meet their expectations right?

And even at that once you do that

that’s fantastic!

But don’t stop there.

What other problems do you believe

after learning something
about their business

what other problems do you
believe you can solve for them?

Continually helping them and
demonstrating to your customer

that you are a trusted business partner

that you care about their needs

and their pains

and you want them to be as
successful as your business too.

Keep doing that and when you’ve done that

add more value.

You can there’s no such thing as

adding enough value right?

And I would say there’s a
limit in terms of the time

you can put into this

but what are the things you can do

again after learning more
about their business

because you’re in their business now

you’re their extended arm

what other things you can do.

And simple things like

if you have access to
market intelligence or

macroeconomic climates and statistics

that you’ve purchased for your
own business requirements

will it help them?

What else can you continue to do?

There’s no limit to what you can do here

but again a part of the
systematic approach I teach

is the brainstorm all these things

and I always suggest to
have at least forty ready.

It takes time to build that

but build up to forty that is your goal.

Now I call that the Well Factor

when you’re working with your clients.

So what happens when you do all this?

When you manage and develop the account

and you work very closely
with the customers

what happens then?

Two things can happen then.

The most important first and foremost

is that then feeds back
into continued sales

and you don’t have to go
through all this effort

here to get another sale.

So it is an absolute
value for your business

as well as them okay?

So continue to ensure
that you map this out

with your clients to
ensure you can deliver value

all the way through.

But then another thing happens

and again this has to be strategically

mapped into your sales
and after sales process.

And how can you get access
to their client network?

So say for example

you are working with this company.

You know they have access
to similar companies

that you would like to talk to.

Once you’ve proven yourself
as a trusted partner

more often than not they well say

“Look I know my colleagues
at suchandsuch business

could do with your helping.

If you help them the way you’ve helped me

I know they will be extremely happy

with that outcome.”

So you get into this
referral model symbol

or process.

And then with that
again the value of this

is that you don’t have to go back

to the start of the funnel.

You can go either to step or three

where you can go straight to proposal

or you may do some flushing
and inquiry process

and ensure that again
you can solve their needs.

But there are multiple
ways to get more sales

and not just rely on continued more leads.

And as I said and I’ll emphasize again

this is so important for your business.

Do not think that I’m
talking about don’t do this

this is so important

but finding the balance between
activities in stage one

helping your customer

and getting access to their network.

There is three things there that you

really need to focus on
to develop your business.

One thing I will say
about the referral model

it’s a three way process.

It’s not just about between you and them.

They have recommended
they have referred you

so the first goal is you gotta make sure

that you make them look
good with their customers.

That is extremely important do not forget

that part of the equation when it comes

to referral model.

Because if you’ve done something
wrong along this process

you could lose business here.

So my question is always over to you

What are you going to do
in your business today

to build a strong and systematic approach

to your aftersales process?

In the meantime this
is Shay Lynch saying

Thanks for listening.