🔊 They say necessity is the mother of invention. Needing to adapt to adapt in business in fundamental to success. While there is alot of business uncertainty still in the world. Especially in the world of supply chain 🔥Remember…
💥There is always something you can do💥

I’ve talked about crisis models in the past. It’s not just good enough to conduct  the typical scenarios in business, that is
🚀Profit making Scenario
✅Breakeven Scenario
⛔️Loss making Scenario
(I’m assuming you do these 😉 )

With the speed of change in the marketplace, you also have to conduct a Crisis Scenario and with that, what do you need to do to protect your business so it can ride the storm and regardless of being in crisis mode. There is always business uncertainty. Even on a micro scale where your business is just going through a bad patch

Over the years I’ve been helping companies, I see 6 common themes that challenge businesses on a regular basis, which I expand on in the video

They are
⛔️Over complicating Complexity
⛔️Supply Chain challenges
⛔️Continuous Globalisation
⛔️Mood / Anxiety of teams
⛔️More and more Government Policy & Regulation
⛔️Lack of Strategic Thinking & Problem Solving

They sure make business that bit more difficult. However having said  that, there isn’t one thing on this list that you can’t, as a leader, influence. Stresses are ok in business, in fact they can be very positive. Too many businesses can get stuck in. This is the way we’ve always done it’ mode

Like a controlled stress on the body, e.g. exercise can be very healing over time and so can a little business uncertainty. However you must see the warning signs and do something about it. Don’t get a dose of  the Ostrich Syndrome and keep your head in the sand. Data is there to guide you so you can iterate your model continuously

There isn’t of those themes above that you can’t influence
Business is about systematically
✅Problem solving

It’s an iterative cycle and you always have to be prepared for those curve balls

Always be ready, always expect business uncertainty and always be iterating

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