🔊If you don’t put people at the centre of your strategy – You are putting it at risk for failure 

In fact, you need to create a strategy culture 🔊


-What is your current strategy culture?

-Does it dictate or agitate? 

Dictate will get you so far, but it’s a short term focus. Agitation is all about bringing your team along a journey. And taking it one step further, strategy culture should be PERSONAL

When you think about it, no one is going to care more about a strategy than a CEO / Leader. Your team has different motivations so therefore you have to MOTIVATE them DIFFERENTLY! You do that by making it personal. As a business leader, you have a responsibility to bring them on a journey and make sure THEY WIN!

When you start bringing them with you, you create a 

💥ripple effect💥

Because what you put out will come back in kind. It’s not just top-down anymore, it will be bottom-up

It becomes bidirectional. And that is where the magic happens in business!

You can’t ever underestimate the power of people! Building your strategy culture will solidify your goals and vision. Through building your strategy culture, you are building a family within your business. 

As a leader the simple questions you should start asking

 ❓Why should they care

 ❓What’s in it for them

 ❓How can I ensure they win

 ❓How can we build a shared vision

🔥And then how can you work together to make it better🔥

Business is tough at the best of times, it can be complicated. Don’t overcomplicate it, keep it simple and leverage the power of your team to bring you on your journey.

I hope this helps, If you have any questions, please get in touch.