Did you ‘Execute’ your strategy, as in kill it, through poor implementation?

Or are you executing a plan with military precision?

Kodak knew what was coming next, they had a great strategy, but lacked execution and lost out to Facebook!

Why? Well they knew online media sharing was the next big thing, they wrote whitepapers about it. Their execution wandered and they lost their market share overnight.

You’ve now built and understanding of where you are today. You’ve developed your vision! Now it’s time to execute!

When you begin the implementation phase, there is no way you can get it right 1st time.

But the goal is not to get it right, it’s to get it started and continually

  1. Asses
  2. Improve

Targets must be built into the plan. Again, you could be way off at the state. The more you assess, the more you can improve accuracy and get closer to your vision.
The other point to note here, the more you learn the more your vision will evolve.

Visions don’t have to be static and as a leader it’s important to realise that so you don’t end up down a rabbit whole. Things change all the time so it’s important to be flexible, just make sure the data is leading you.

There have been many great examples over the years where businesses have been stubborn in their visions. They keep on the path only to realise a few years into it that

  • It’s not relevant
  • They’ve wasted 2 years
  • They’ve incurred substantial costs
  • They are now way behind the competition

Simple and frequent check ins prevent so you don’t have to correct