This is all about holding yourself and your teams accountable.
Accountability is the cornerstone of progress, 
And one powerful tool in achieving this is asking great questions. 
Whether your business is facing challenges or celebrating successes, 
The right questions can guide your path.

🔍 Ask Questions, Get Data: 
When the business is stuck, ask questions – get data. 
Problem solving and getting to the root cause is a underutilsed superpower.

🤔 In Times of Struggle or Success, Ask: 
Things not going well? Ask questions. 
Things going well? Ask questions. 
Learn what you do well so you can rinse and repeat it

The habit of inquiry should be a constant, shaping your approach to both adversity and prosperity.

📚 Learn a Set of Continual Questions: 
To foster a culture of accountability, learn a set of questions to continually ask yourself and your teams. These questions become a compass, guiding actions and decisions.

💡 Some of My Regular Questions:
❓What small improvements can be made every day?
The power of Marginal gains. 
The little often approach that leads to compounding results over time.

❓Did I add true value today? 
Reflecting on your contributions and outputs ensures a focus on meaningful impact.
It’s not good enough to be efficient, that’s just doing things right
Being effective leads to true value, that is, doing the right things right.

❓Am I committing to my vision? 
Assessing your commitment to the long-term goal keeps you aligned with your mission.
Am I doing things that are bringing me closer to my vision? 
Regularly evaluating your actions ensures they align with your ultimate objectives.

❓Am I acting out my values? 
Some days that’s easy, some days a little tougher
Life can be stressful, how are you being acutely aware of your actions and thoughts?
How are you learning to step back from situations that trigger you?
We all have emotions and triggers, if we didn’t, we’d be robots..
Learning to leverage your emotions for good is a powerful skill to master.
Emotions are the brains way of interpreting the world around you.
Use them and act on them, not react, respond.  Do not let them build, as over time this can have consequences.
⏩  Join the Conversation What questions do you find most impactful in driving accountability and success in your business?

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