When you set up a business, you find yourself deep in the hustle, wearing an impressive array of caps.
The entrepreneurial journey demands relentless dedication
When I started, some days I was working up to a staggering 20 hours.
Motivated and driven, by the allure of Silicon Valley success stories portraying high-functioning individuals thriving on minimal sleep became a captivating narrative.
Since then, I have labelled these the silicon sillies. 

Being an engineer by trade, I developed processes for everything and built time management systems that had me blocked out for practically every hour of the waking day.
Then a big awakening happened
The struggle to let go.
The very strengths that propelled me forward became a weakness that held me back.
Every responsibility, a priority.

Burnout soon followed.
Something had to give..
And realised I was wasting so much time on activities that weren’t adding true value, as stated in my previous post.
So again leaning into my skillset and looking at all my to do lists, I developed the concept of another type of doing list.

⛔️Enter the “Stop Doing List”
Recognising that not all tasks are created equal, I put a value on my time and what I was prepared to pay for outsourcing.
Simple formula, what was the cost of not developing business or conducting business.
I started learning the art of delegation and outsourcing.
Watch the video to learn about this effective list.. 

When you begin spending the time on the things that truly for your business and customers, growth will be the outcome.

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What has been your biggest takeaway from mastering the art of delegation?

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