🏛️ Roman wasn’t built in a day, either will your Vision
It’s crucial to recognize that the journey towards your vision is a strategic marathon, not a sprint.
Ambitious visions require time and meticulous planning.
And that demands patience and perseverance. 

🧭 Direction and Quality are more important than speed
In the pursuit of your vision, direction and quality trump speed.
A deliberate and precise approach ensures lasting success.
A relentless focus on speed can compromise the quality of your work or service and end up doing things twice.
So I often say the secret to speeding up is to slow down –
Do it once and do it right
Excellence requires careful attention, not haste.

🛡️ Always have a buffer for the unknowns
In the complex journey of your vision, along with customer service, uncertainties are inevitable. 
Always maintain a buffer for the unknowns, allowing for adaptability and resilience.

💼 Especially when committing on projects with clients = Your word is everything
When it comes to client commitments, your word is paramount. 
Having a buffer safeguards your integrity and ensures a commitment fulfilled with excellence.
The goal is always to at least meet customer expectations
And some times exceed them.

🔥 The buffer for Murphy’s law / firefighting
Murphy’s Law often surfaces when least expected.
A buffer acts as your shield against unforeseen challenges, enabling strategic firefighting.

🌅 I do a lot of the value activities between 6 am and 9 am
Optimise your efficiency by strategically allocating high-value activities during your peak hours. 
For me, it’s the early morning between 6 am and 9 am.

🔋 The buffer for your energy
Preserve your energy reserves by incorporating buffers in your schedule.
Maintaining vitality is crucial for sustained focus and excellence.
Learn that ‘optimum’ pace that you can sustain for the long term
And know your limits

Again, I will say, Direction & Quality are more important than Speed ⚖️

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