🔊 With great power comes great responsibility 🔊

So Spiderman’s Uncle Says and this is as relevant in Sales as it is in Marvel movies?

I had a great conversation with an old friend and colleague during the week about sales. We were discussing the best sales principles and values we’ve developed over the years. 


Well there are sales principles and elements of psychology that can be used to either

⛔️Manipulate or

✅ Influence

So please use them to influence and aim for the 

💥Win Win💥

Regardless of it being the right thing to do, it’s actually a better sales strategy! People are smart, you may fool them once, and if you do that, good luck getting repeat business!

🎯Ethical sales will always lead to strong relationships and business long-term. 

So use sales principles as a point of value for you and your prospects/clients! 

Over there years, after lots of trialling and testing, I ended up with a list of 3 that worked very well! For not only my services but that of my clients too!

Emotions & Logic

People always talk about you using emotions to sell and it does make sense. People usually make emotional decisions to make a purchase. That is consistent both for business and consumer.

My question is why can’t you use both?

There is so much competition in the marketplace. Products or services with the exact same features and benefits.

So what makes your product stand out more?

It’s how you can create an emotional connection with your product and consumer

✅That’s the 1st step

Once you’ve created the connection

✅Then work on the logic to show the prospect how it can actually make sense.

This is the Win-Win of sales and I detail a great example of this in the video. 

Sell to get someone out of something and then into something! Data shows there is strong evidence that people will pay more money to get out of pain. Compared to something that gets them to a goal. That is getting out of something and not into something, but again, why can’t you use both?

Why can’t you attach that ‘Getting out of pain’ to a journey that gets into something bigger?

Therefore focusing on both and getting a Win-Win! This isn’t as easy as it sounds, but definitely worth consideration, when you are working on your sales, messaging.

Sell stories, stories are our history, not just individually, it’s our culture and heritage! Cave paintings demonstrate that we have been telling stories for a very long time, it’s in our DNA. 

So again, leading on from emotions and logic

❤️Stories help strengthen that emotional connection!

There are many different types of stories, the most used being the hero and the guide! How can you use them to build connections? In the video, I share the one I use when sharing my services with prospects!

True sales are all about relationships and building trust! That’s what these sales principles are founded on!

❤️I hope they work for you as much as they work for me