🔊 I’ll call you Back – The subtle sales objection 🔊 

When I started sales, this comment by a prospect used to put shivers down my spine. It made me feel horrible inside for a few reasons.

⛔️I knew I had a lot the sale

⛔️I felt unworthy as a person

⛔️That I wasn’t good enough for this

And if I’m honest, it knocked my confidence… Over time, I began to grow my confidence and was landing sales, but I would still hear this quite a lot. Sales objections can be tough at the best of times, but this was the worst. And in Ireland, because we don’t like to hurt people’s feelings this was the typical sales objection you would get.

I knew I had to figure this out and stop focusing on myself and begin focusing on a problem I needed to solve.

✅See this as an opportunity to develop a process or a system

Over time I developed a process that worked well and it all comes down to 1 term! You would hear me mention a lot.

🎯Across all areas of business, and that is FEEDBACK

When I started building my sales process a key element was how I can improve each step. With every engagement, the only way is trial and error with feedback. So when I would get blocked at a step, I saw it more as a hurdle to get over as opposed to a roadblock. Sales Objections are part of the game when it comes to business.

But the important point to note here, the sales objection should only be when


And not because you failed in your selling i.e. your messaging was wrong. You didn’t get enough information to build a strong proposal or you weren’t a good salesperson.

💥The goal is to make sure you’ve done everything you can to ensure the prospect has all the information to make an accurate buying decision💥

Sales objections came it thick and heavy when I 1st began

👊🏻It started with cold calls until I came up with a script that converted well

👊🏻Then it was at meetings where I struggled to get a 2nd meeting or opportunity 

💥Until I learned to add value before the sale

And the words I would hear every day -, I will call you back

People think sales is easy, I’m here to tell you it’s not. Some people make it look easy,

that’s only because they did the hard grafting in the early days and perfected their system.

In the video, I share 2 ways of handling this objection and they improved my conversions by over 30%. And for the ones I didn’t convert, I got really good feedback to ensure I didn’t make the same mistakes again!

This is something I still do, as there is always something more to learn! Never stop learning and never stop helping!

If you have any questions, please get in touch, I’d love to help!