🔊 5 Qualifying Questions that impact 🔊 

Getting meetings in sales is a skill in itself, then winning them is another challenge altogether!

While I don’t like using the term ‘control’ here. It is important to ensure you walk away from the meeting knowing you got the information you need.

To know if the prospect is genuinely interested and there is a path forward! But mostly, you have the information to walk that path.

This took me a lot of practice! I remember my 1st sales meeting, I truly hadn’t an idea what I was doing. The worst thing is, I was wasting their time, as I build my process out (i.e. my funnel) I began working on the HOW!

✅Qualifying questions are key to this!

They need to form part of a natural conversation, not rehearsed and box-ticking. And the wording is not always the same, sometimes more direct, sometimes subtle.

The art of sales conversation takes dedication and practice, you are not only looking to get your questions across, but you must also create a rapport, they must know you are there to help!

And at the same time, you need to qualify them!

💥Not just for you, for them also!

They don’t always know what they want, that’s where the problem-solving approach is so effective here.

 And if Henry Ford asked what his market wanted, they would have said faster horses.

So thinking on the fly in the sales meeting is an art, that art starts with asking key qualifying questions!

During the course of an initial meeting, there are 5 / 6 questions I ensure I ask through the course of natural conversation. And something the conversation can go deeper, that turns into a discovery call, this is where preparation is crucial. 

There are always 3 elements to a meeting

✅What you do before the meeting

✅The meeting

✅What you do after the meeting 

Key activities before the meeting would include

  • Market research
  • Prospect’s position in the marketplace
  • Their pain points
  • And pain points of the particular stakeholder you are meeting 

This will help develop the conversation based on the qualifying questions you ask. Again it’s not about control, it’s about ensuring both sides see value in this conversation.  There is a subtle difference, but it’s a crucial one!

Improving sales conversions are all about improving your conversions at every step in your process. 

🔥This is the 1st crucial one, so make sure it serves

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