🔊 3  More Powerful Principles in Sales 🔊  

I always say, sales is the most difficult part of business, the success of the business is completely dependent on sales! So building your set of sales principles is the foundation for your sales success over the long term. 

So of all processes within the business, this is the one that should be the most systematic!

It’s not just about the process! It’s the sales principles around the process that ensure you give your business every chance of solving a problem for a prospect. Creating a new customer will give you repeat business and over time will become a glowing advocate for your business. That is your external sales team that will get you warm prospects. 

This should be the goal from the very beginning of the sales funnel, it’s crucial to create a rapport from the beginning. 

How can you do that?


Show you care. 

Demonstrate that you have their back and you care about their success, they need to feel that you give a damn and not just out for a quick buck. Building rapport and relationships are the 1st step, not selling! Miss this step and you miss the sale, this may sound obvious, but this sales principle is crucial!


In healthcare, prognosis before a diagnosis is malpractice, it’s the same in business! Don’t try to fit a square product or service into a round hole to suit your needs.  How can your service flex to solve your prospect’s problem?

And to be truthful, people don’t care about your product, its fancy features, your business. They care about what you can do for them and how you can solve their pressing problems. 

💥Handling Objections

I’ve been talking a lot about this one lately, this is a key sales principle that must be mastered over time. A crucial skill I learned early on was to be prepared. I would do the ‘Murphy’s Law’ of questions and objections before the meeting and have answers ready to go as soon as they were asked! This meant I was rarely caught off guard, and when I was, I wouldn’t be the next time!

There are many sales principles that you can develop, I recommend you build your list, so you are always ready. 

I hope this helps, if you have any questions, please get in touch

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