🔊 As a Leader, what questions do you ask yourself in this new Hybrid Leadership World❓
I had a great conversation with a good old friend and colleague recently who runs a successful business. A business that had its fair share of struggles like many through the last few crazy years..

We discussed all things business and the conversation segwayed to the role of a leader in this new world –  That is Hybrid leadership but how does hybrid leadership differ from normal leadership, do the same skills not cover both?

We went down many rabbit holes with this, and while we did find some commonalities. We also found some differences. Over the course of the conversation we ended up agreeing on 5 influential questions that would be powerful for Directors to ask themselves in this new hybrid leadership world

The subject of leadership is a conversation in itself. I always like to compare it to team sports.. When you don’t have it, you know it. When you do have it, you see the results on the pitch

âś…That is how a leader builds comradery within the core of their teams
âś…Ensuring they are playing for each other
Not just for money or their insta stories

It’s the same in business you can see when you have good leadership and you know when you don’t 👀

See leaders should always be asking questions to ensure they are supporting the business in the most effective manner they can and with that we concluded on 5. Are these the only questions? absolutely not… they are a great starting points

How am I protecting the company cultureâť“
Do i need to reset roles and responsibilitiesâť“
Am I being strategic or tacticalâť“
Is my communication plan workingâť“
How should I best be there for my teamsâť“

As already mentioned there are many questions a leader should consistently ask themselves. These are really top of mind considering the current dynamic we find ourselves in. What questions do YOU like to ask yourself so YOU can continually improve?