🔊 Where does Strategy fit in to the big picture❓As you know I talk about strategy…a lot… but strategy for what? What are you striving for?

A strategy could be just to keep doing what you’ve always done right? but you don’t want that. So what is it you are looking to achieve?

✅ There is a hierarchy of needs when it comes to business and that starts of with your 🔥MISSION🔥

It’s very easy to get stuck in your business and keep doing what you’ve always done and lose sight of your purpose.. Things get busy right You spend your days firefighting customer issues
⛔️Customer issue
⛔️People issues
⛔️Supply chain issues
And the rest..

And lose sight of your purpose and mission. That is why do you exist and what is it you stand for❓
This is not static. You evolve. Your needs evolve
🚀As do that of your business

Should you ever sell you business, this is what the new owners should purchasing and  stand for. This is what they are buying into and evolve over time too

The Vision then focuses on the direction. I often talk about audacious or moonshot visions
🚀That is your North Star your guide on your journey

Then strategy starts building the mechanism to get there. There are always multiple ways to do things. The goal with strategy is to figure out the most effective way to do just that. Will you get it right 1st time❓No, and that’s not the goal. The goal is to get it started and continually iterate during execution

This is the framework for building a strong purposeful driven business. Going strong on your journey in the right direction

The Mission and Vision should drive your 🚀Strategy🚀

What is your Mission❓

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