🔊 Absorb what is done, make better what is not, and build a better future
We are in the home stretch now for 2022
I’m sure many have lived a rollercoaster year
So many ups and downs for alot of businesses and people

Regardless of what you feel the year you’ve had
It’s always a great time of year to step back
And be grateful

Thanksgiving has just past for our American friends
We are coming up to Christmas and other festivities for many more

✅So yes, it’s a great time of year to step and focus on all the good things that have happened to you
And I guarantee you there have been many when you look deep
Yes you may have missed some deadlines
Lost that customer you thought you had

For me it was getting sick the week before a marathon
Which forced me to retire during it
After many months of hard training
That would have been my 3d of the year
And we feel like it’s the end of the world

But is it really?
That’s why I like to share that quote I opened with
There are so many aspects of life
And as humans we are very good at focusing on what has gone wrong
It’s an ancient self protection mechanism

When we stand back, we can see all the good things too

I normally go on about the different element of business
The people  / process / technology

Today I am focusing on the people
In all areas of your life

🙏🏼Your family
🙏🏼Your friends
🙏🏼Your teams and comrades
🙏🏼Your customers
🙏🏼Your supplier partners

Those people
👊🏻Who stood by you
👊🏻Who helped you
👊🏻Who believed in you
👊🏻Who took a chance on you
👊🏻Who helped you grow

I’m sure there are many
And looking forward
Wouldn’t it make sense to support all those people
As best you can next year?

It has been a tough year for many
It could be a tough year for many next year too

However when you do it together, you make it better

Enjoy this last month and finish on a strong note ❤️

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