🔊So what GOALS do you have❓
I talk alot about business goals
🚀Building strategies
🚀Implement strategies
✅Achieving VISIONS

A colleague asked me recently do I have goals outside of work
It’s a really good question, and yes I do

But what was really interesting is that it’s essential to have goals
In all the significant areas of your life!

And to actively work on achieving them
And therefore, keep them balanced
Will they always be balanced?

But to have a baseline that you can always revert back to

💥See goals can be good or bad
I believe in goals, and more importantly achieving them
Not at the expense of other areas of life

What’s the point in being successful in 1 area of your life at the expense of another
To be successful in business at the expense of your health or relationships

I’m not comfortable putting all my time into business at the expense of health and family
I’m also not comfortable putting all my time into running at the expense of business and family
And so on…

Unfortunately, I’ve seen this happen too much
It’s not a good long-term strategy
However maybe you are ok with that, it’s all choices at the end of the day
I’m not

✅I believe in building a life that is successful in all significant areas
✅I believe in building and achieving goals to ensure that happens

Yes sometimes 1 goal will stretch you for a period
That’s ok
But always have a path to get back to baseline

Goals are something I am passionate about
Being driven by a mission
I’ve written a book on building, and more important, how to achieve GOALS
I wrote it for me, to teach me

And I plan to share my skills and learnings on this subject next year

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