🔊 Foundations – Where do I start❓
This is a question I received during the week based on my previous video

This can be quite an individual thing, however there are some common themes that anyone can integrate into their plan.
And this can apply both to your business as well as yourself

🚀Building your Moonshot VISION
I talk alot about this, whether it’s personal or business, you need your North Star
That will help you determine the direction you will go, your journey for the foreseeable future
Be relentless in this, when you don’t have this or stay on the path, you will end up back at square one
I am currently just putting the final touches on mine which I will be sharing shortly

What kind of person are you going to be?
What kind of business are you going to develop?
What will they be based upon?
How can you stretch your limits without overdoing it?

These are really important questions to ask
So by the end of the year both you have grown as a person
And your business culture has grown as a family

One call out here is whatever you are looking to achieve,
Achieve it without destruction
That is setting a KPI in 1 part that causes you to forget about another key area of your business
A few examples would be
– Customer 1st at the expense of your employees
– Product cost down at the expense of your suppliers
Focus on the Win Win equations

And this leads nicely into

What are the things you are prepared to sacrifice
What are the things you are not prepared to sacrifice

✅For me
✅My health
✅My energy
✅My routines – Morning & evening

Then what about your team’s health and energy?

🚀What can go Wrong?
How can you develop a risk strategy to PROTECT
🛡 You
🛡 Your Business
🛡 Your Teams
🛡 Your Customers

Risk mitigation is key to success
Preparing for what can go wrong
And scenario planning
Expect the unexpected

What are your commitments
🌀 To YOU?
🌀 To your Teams?
🌀 To your Customers?

My simple commitments are
🎯To serve
🎯To continually improve

❓So what foundations will you build this year?❓

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