🔊 Well Hello Everyone🔊
It’s been a while..
As you have noticed I’ve taken some well needed time out..
After spending many years on delivery, I decided to take some time out for a few reasons
✈️Have a holiday, 1st holiday in over a year. And got to spend some quality time with my Dad in Spain
✈️After that I stayed there for another 3 weeks to hone in on my Vision and start building my strategy

Needless to say, I’m shaking things up and very excited to be back in building mode..

❤️During my time off, I spent time reflecting on my passions, and the older I get (just gone 21, amazing where the time goes👀), the more I want to align them with my business goals.

We all have passions, and my passions include relationships with family and friends and challenging myself physically. I am motivated by taking on new challenges and breaking down the key variables to achieve incremental improvements, leading to compounding results.

Many years ago, I developed my own model for high performance, which involves building routines, mindset, discipline, purpose, and interpersonal skills. The’ve developed and evolved over over the years, with great support from some of the best behavioural and social psychologists in the world.

✅ These skills while very effective on a personal level, are even more effective in the business world.
They are the same personal and interpersonal skills that are a necessity to thrive in business today, no matter what level you are at.

✅ That is, the skills to be the best version of you, for yourself, along with the ability to build authentic and strong relationships with your comrades, that is to create functional and cross functional excellence.

✅ And when you combine that with developing the key business skills that are required in today’s world, you will realise your true potential.

Picture a business, where everyone is
🎯Moving forward in the same direction
🎯Complementing each other, not contradicting
🎯Working together to make it better

Image what any business can achieve❓

My focus going forward is to help companies develop personal, interpersonal, and business skills to achieve peak performance. This involves supporting CEOs and leaders in their pursuit of being the best leaders they can be.

To have a strong business, you must nurture and develop strong relationships.
Imagine teams that come to support their comrades, not just for money?
Building the synergy between, personal / mindset, interpersonal and business skills will lead to the business operating at peak performance.

Overall, I believe that a business can only operate at peak performance when its employees are also operating at peak performance.

❤️I am excited to share my knowledge and support my network in their pursuit of peak performance.

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