As I’ve stated in a number of previous blogs on Strategy, building a blockbuster vision for your business is not just about a having a great day offsite with your team, coming up with great ideas, shake hands and then go out for a nice meal etc..

There are many moving parts to a strong and sustainable strategy and one of the key phases of that is seeing a plan that you and your team actually believe can work.

Buy in is crucial at all levels and you achieve that by ensuring your team has played a major role in building it, then followed up with a strong implementation strategy that they believe can work.

From working with many clients, I have learnt to appreciate the power of showing a plan to them that they can say.. ‘Yes I can actually see now how we can achieve that’

Never underestimate the power of making a team believe that a plan can deliver on their vision of a BlockBuster Strategy. This never ceases to amaze me and it’s akin to a Eureka moment.

See the consequence of not doing this always results in a business believing that the blockbuster vision is unattainable and then it gets parked. I’d like to think that you want more from your business than just the mediocre and continue with what you’ve always done to get the same results. This is such a dangerous strategy or game to play in such fluid economies.

With that I’ve developed my own method of delivering this which I call the ‘Strategy House of Excellence’.

It starts with the end in mind and then how you cascade that down to the ground level projects / activities that will set you on the correct journey..