One of my favourite quotes for business is

‘Work together to make it better’

While I’m here talking about Operations.. there is no such thing as operations on it’s own..

Everything you do in your business is part of operations, regardless whether it’s

  • Finance
  • Logistics
  • Sales
  • Purchasing
  • Manufacturing
  • Service development

They are all operations and during crisis management it’s crucial to take a forensic look at them all. Why? To ensure there is no excess during these difficult time..

And not only that, it’s even more crucial to take a supply chain view. You can’t discuss operations without working on your supply chain. Again why? So you can ‘Work together to make it better’.

See you all have the same goal, to protect that end user, so working with your

Suppliers to brainstorm

  • Just in time delivery
  • Extended payment terms
  • Innovate service together for customer

Customers to help protect their business / service

  • Solve more of their problems
  • Be a true business partner

This strategy is no different in how I support my customers during good times. This is so relevant now.

When it comes to operations, you have to consider the END TO END SUPPLY CHAIN