Statistics have shown that productivity has increased substantially since covid.
But has job satisfaction?
In short the answer is no, and in fact, it has declined. I’m sure businesses are welcoming these productivity gains. My instincts tell me that this is not sustainable.
We are human and there is only so much we can take before we crack. Not only are teams up-skilling themselves with technology, they now have more up-time. Along with that, there is the added stress of juggling child minding and work. The working rules have changed, some for good, but also for bad.
As a leader, it’s now a great opportunity for you to support your team members along this new working dynamic.
There is no one size fits all as we are all different, but there are fundamentals worth considering.
A balanced approach is to get the sweet spot between
  1. Contribution – are they performing well
  2. Satisfaction – are they happy with what they are doing
  3. Reciprocation – are they helping their colleagues with the above 2
And the question I have is what are you doing in these areas?