Did you know that problem solving could improve your business performance by up to 35%? And that’s during normal trading economies.
I have come across many situations where problem solving could prevented big business problems. That is to prevent things getting out of control.  And one of those experiences was my own business. I was firefighting, every day was chasing and chasing, so much I could never get ahead of things.
Mike Tyson has a great quote ‘Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.’
I was getting punched from all angles.
Its only when I stood back and started to look deeper into things I began to see where the issues were. Instead of working in the ‘Fire Fighting’ department, I started working in the ‘Fire Prevention’ department.
See instead of putting band aids on problems, I started putting in strong fixes.. and that was in
  1. Business process
  2. Supplier issues
  3. Customer issues
  4. Payment issues
Everything started to change in my business. Instead of chasing my tail all the time, I was now spending time on the activities that would
  1. Add real value to my business
  2. And real value to my customers
The Win Win. Was it pretty in the beginning? No. I didn’t have a system. Over time, the more I implemented it, the more the system developed and evolved.
That system is the one I now teach companies and business leaders. If you want to give your business the best chance of success, learn to leverage the power of problem solving.
There are many applications for problem solving that you can learn about here
  1. Pareto Problem Solving
  2. Problem Solving Sales using Feedback