🔊 You can’t run a successful business without the ability to continually critique what you do and how you do it. I had a really good conversation with a close colleague and friend during the week. Where we discussed the importance of critical thinking in business. The topic was emotionally driven. It was centered around people.

Business is very stressful for many leaders and teams alike. There had been a lot of unease, the symptom but what was causing this?

It took me talking to him to help him get into a space where he could begin to think rationally. With a few situations with his team he had lost the ability to step outside the situation. We agreed to spend some time conducting root cause

This situation had been building up over a couple of months. So there were a few layers to peel back before we understood the root cause
✅(we actually got to 2 roots of the issue)

Why am I telling you this❓He was stuck, in an emotional loop and struggled for months with this

See business is tough at the best of times. It takes a lot of dedication. People working together, complimenting each other, not contradicting

Along with that, life has been very tough for many over the last few years and we are still in a world filled with uncertainty and now with remote / hybrid working, the lines between business and personal life have become very blurred
⛔️Change fatigue

Are now becoming the norm

That’s why, more than ever, critical thinking in business is a fundamental skill to have. Not just for the leader, for everyone working in it. Our years of programming have built up many lens and filters for things to battle through. A lot of which are emotionally charged. We are all layered with cognitive biases, along with personal agenda

It’s because of this we must learn and practice the ability to think critically in business about
✅What we do
✅And how we do it

Emotions are high for many in business at the moment, not just leaders, but all involved. More important than ever we must be able to work through situations together

When you feel you need to take a break from a situation. Take that break

If you have any questions, please get in touch, I’d love to help ❤️

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