🔊 What is the biggest business concern for businesses today? This is another great question I received. However there is not 1 stand out business concern, unfortunately there are many in today’s world.

The world has changed substantially over the last 2 years. For both personal and business life and with that comes additional business concerns and variables to consider.

There will always be the  traditional concerns which are discussed  in the video. Now, because we are a global community, we are exposed to global fluctuations and sometimes they are more taxing than others.

Unfortunately at this moment in time we have never seen so much global unease. We are just out of a global pandemic and getting back on track and another global issue arises that has far reaching impacts.

When will it stop❓

💥Because of this, there can’t be just one business concern to tackle. All local and global issues need to assessed and addressed accordingly 

Not just for what is going on now, what will the impact be down the road. You may not feel the impact from something directly. It could take 6 months to a year. This can be difficult, however it’s a great exercise to support forward planning

The business concerns I would be looking at today are

⛔️People- team fatigue / change fatigue / shortage

⛔️Key person / founder dependency

⛔️Money management – cashflow and future planning

⛔️Client Dependency – needs change – clients change

⛔️Global Issues – Interest rates / energy / inflation / recession

Check out the video to learn a little more. If there were was 1 business concern to start with

🔥Start with your people

As stated above, things have changed drastically for people’s lives. In fact both personal and business life have become blurred. Hard to know when one starts and the other stops

Ensure your teams are not overwhelmed as you could end up struggling to provide your service as we have clearly seen in some industries over recent times

If you have any questions, please get in touch, I’d love to help ❤️ 

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