🔊Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, only this time more intelligently – Henry Ford

Business failure is inevitable, nothing will ever work 1st time around. It’s the size of failure that’s important and when it’s caught. Whether it’s a goal / process / business. When you start out, you are an amateur

🔥But through commitment to continually improve. You will end up on the success journey. You have to be prepared to fail but fail fast and learn quicker. When I was an engineer on a manufacturing line I used to have a saying. Fail on the fly

The sooner you catch a mistake, the quicker it can be fixed. However if it’s not discovered and goes further down the process. The worse the problem becomes. In fact 1 problem could turn in many downstream and then if your quality is so poor that your customer is telling you

⛔️That is catastrophic

I didn’t like my job very much as I was just signing paperwork all day long

I didn’t last long, and was lucky to get into continuous improvement

This excited me, WHY❓

Well, I used to break things as a kid so I could fix them

✅So I loved fixing problems on an assembly line, and do things better

✅But not only fix, then do better things – greatly improve it

I immersed myself in the Toyota Production System and also Henry Ford’s methodologies. Both instrumental in shaping my skill sets and here’s something you many not know about Henry, he failed multiple times before he succeeded with Ford.

Business failure is not the end point, it’s simply a point along a journey. A journey that needs many check points. Failure is feedback

💥 The quicker you fail, the quicker you can learn and adapt. Business success is a journey, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. So see business failure as way to begin again, only this time more intelligently 

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