🔊 The Problem Solving Process

As I’ve been saying, the problem solving process is one of the most important in business

🌀If you are not problem solving, you are not improving. But how do you build a problem solving process in business?

It’s actually not that difficult in concept where it becomes difficult is keeping it consistent and stay disciplined along the journey. When you work on it for at least 3 months and begin to see the fruits of your labour. You will be motivated to keep it going. But you have to stick it with until your solutions start to see their rewards. And when this happens, you will be motivated to keep on going. That’s how you build momentum.

The problem solving process starts with issue gathering

So what is an issue?

An issue is ANYTHING that takes you away from your core activity

No matter how small it is, record it. You would be amazed at how many of these small things happen on a daily basis

👀They stay under the radar because it’s so small. All these small issues accumulate over time to cause substantial issues. In fact they are like a chronic cough, something put up with. Something that over time becomes an issues as you didn’t deal with it when it started

It’s the same here, the cost and the time associated with these issues continue to grow over time. When you gather these issues on a daily basis, by the end of the month you have amazing data on what your biggest issues are. So now you focus on your biggest issues to solve, not just any issue. So now you know your problems, what do you do next?

The problem solving process involves a few key activities 

💥The main one being setting up a recurring monthly meeting 

There are 3 main agenda items for the meeting

1.Discuss progress on open issues

-How progress is moving

-What help is required

-When will they be completed

2.Review next issues to problem solve

-Define stakeholders required

-Set the plan

3.Review data from solutions completed to ensure solutions are performing as they should

The problem solving method to use?

Watch the video for some simple mechanism to get you going very quickly 

The problem solving process ensures your 

✅Business processes

✅OPerating Model

✅And People 

are continually improving 

I spend a lot of time discussing the people element of business. This is a great way to improve collaboration

💥Not just in the function they work, but also cross functionally 

Outside of core processes for service delivery

💥The problem solving process is the most powerful process you can implement in your business

So my question is, how are you going to problem solve your way to success in your business

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