🔊 If you are not absorbing your Moonshot Vision, how do you know it’s the right one?🔊

Even when you’ve crunched all the numbers, how does it make you feel inside❓

Sometimes that feeling can change, it can start of exciting, it sounds great! But over time, your feel different about it.

There will always be some nervousness on the path to a Moonshot Vision, that’s natural and healthy! However, there are other considerations to ensure you know, deep down, you can achieve this.  And this is the same regardless of your moonshot vision is business or personal. When building a moonshot vision, there will always be sacrifices that will have to be made and again, that’s natural.

But more importantly, it’s imperative to discover what sacrifices can’t be made.

What should you not be willing to give up for it❓

These need to be considered for the short, medium, and long term.

Of course, you can go forward with tunnel vision, and things may work out.

But do you want to leave that to chance❓

That you end up on a journey you can’t get off.  I’ve seen this happen time and time again

Where a vision has completely consumed people, at the sacrifice of their:




❤️Business / Job

And while some of those can be sacrificed for the short term, the impact long term can have permanent consequences! So it’s important to take that view again this is similar to the Risk Mitigation process. It’s about visualizing what effort you will have to put in. What is the risk from a personal perspective in relation to the above? And then putting mitigation strategies to ensure the consequences are minimal. 

It’s easy to get blinded by your moonshot vision, and a few years down the line you don’t know yourself. 

⛔️That is, who you have become

I’ve seen this happen to so many good people. And unfortunately, some of the sacrifices they made in pursuit of their moonshot vision are unrepairable. The damage was done

Health/Finances/Relationships and often it wasn’t just one, it was a combination. 

✅Absorbing your moonshot vision is an exercise I often get my clients to do. If it’s a business vision, it’s probably hard to change. 

✅However, what you can do is ensure you take a holistic view of your life. To ensure you don’t compromise all these other important areas long term. 

And sometimes you conclude that the sacrifice isn’t worth it! I’ve seen directors change strategy, even go down the route of putting their business up for sale.

💥That is doing what is right for the business

💥And doing what is right for you

Always go into this with your eyes wide open 

🛡and protect all aspects of your life

If you have any questions, please get in touch, I’d love to help

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