🔊So we’ve reached 1st Quarter milestone for 2023

As we mark the end of this quarter,  I wanted to take this opportunity to ask how your strategies are performing!

Are you on target, behind, or do you even know?

See it’s easy to get lost in the Ostrich syndrome and hope for the best,
But this is a new world, and what worked yesterday won’t work today or tomorrow.

Therefore, it’s crucial to check in on your business performance regularly, and even more important to step back every quarter to assess your strategy’s performance.

Take some time away from the office with your senior management team to ask key questions and ensure that everything and everyone is aligned, complementing, not contradicting.

Remember, there is only one strategy for a business, and each department must play its role, not have its own strategy that takes them down a different journey.

It’s a great time to ask key questions

❓Is the Vision still relevant
❓Is the strategy working towards this vision
❓Is the customer experience improving
❓Is the customer base increasing

Then Inward questions
❓Are teams performing
❓Are teams and members enjoying what they do
❓Are they fulfilled
❓Is the employee experience improving

I always say the goal should to be to have
Strong performing processes run by strong performing people
Delivering strong performing results

And as Richard Branson says, “Look after your people, and they will look after your customers.” Strong performing processes run by strong performing people will deliver strong performing results.


With all this change that’s happening in the world, it’s having an impact on not just WHAT we do as a business, but HOW we do it.

This has brought me down a journey of research, on a micro and macro scale.
And I’m currently working on something exciting in the background to understand the business landscape better and how we should set ourselves up for success going forward.

Along with my own research, I WANT to hear about your experiences first hand as leaders, and I will be reaching out to listen to you.

Once I’ve completed my research, I will be sharing something exciting with you all.

❤️ Thank you, let’s continue to strive for success and keep up with this rapid pace of change

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