🔊So what was your journey with performance Shay❓
I got multiple question like this during the week in relation to my previous post.
And like many things, there is no 1 real answer.

From a sporting perspective, I grew up in a very sporty family.
❤️Which I am very grateful for.

My Dad was a top Irish boxer and table tennis player in his day
We had a great role model and both my parents did everything they could to allow us to play all the sports we could
(Except boxing, I wasn’t allowed 😁)
But that didn’t stop me getting into the ring later in life to raise money for an amazing charity here in Ireland

Whatever sport I played, I wanted to be up there with the best. I worked hard at developing skills in multiple sports, golf, soccer, tennis.  And honoured to have represented my country. However, there was a period in my life where I wondered should I have just focused on 1 to become the very best.
My opinion on this has evolved, as now I believe it’s made me very adaptable. Giving me the mindset and tools to work with many different types of businesses. I now appreciate the adaptability and strong mindset it has given me.

❤️I love setting new, audacious challenges, breaking them down to their core components and becoming proficient in a short space of time. In short, I just love seeing new things and learning new things…

From a mental perspective.. Well that’s a different story altogether..
And in short, I took that for granted. Life was always easy for me.
UNTIL it wasn’t
And that happened practically overnight.

I took my wellbeing for granted until I hit a dark place in 2010 due to personal and professional challenges, which I discuss in the video. This led me to start a journey of building a mindset, which has evolved over the years through continuous learning and feedback from experts. I’ve learned that the mind is powerful, but also fragile, and we must prioritise our mental wellbeing just as much as physical health

✅ Sometimes it does a good job
⛔️Sometimes it goes to far
⛔️Others not far enough
🌀And then sometimes off down a rabbit hole.

The mind is more powerful than we give it credit for
For good OR bad

While exercise has many benefits
We must train our brains
I believe that it’s every bit as important as training our bodies. A strong and resilient mindset can help us navigate challenges and rise to meet them. Protecting our mental wellbeing is crucial to avoid getting caught in a downward spiral. I’m grateful for the experiences that have shaped my approach to performance and continue to learn and grow

As the harsh reality is
That we don’t always rise to meet our challenges
We fall down to the level of effort we put in

And that requires a level of protection so we don’t get caught in a downward spiral

So how do you protect your mental wellbeing?
Please share in the comments

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