🔍ROUTINES: The Under-utilised Ammunition for success

In the rapidly evolving fast paced world we operate in; success is not just about having a strategic vision or a knack for negotiation.

It’s also about having the mental and physical resilience to navigate the demanding challenges that come with the territory.

And that’s where the power of routines comes into play.


đŸ”„Why Routines Matter

Routines aren’t just about creating a sense of order in your life; they’re about training your mind and body to operate at their peak performance.

By establishing consistent habits, you can discipline your thoughts, manage stress effectively, and maintain a healthy physical state – all of which are essential for making sound decisions, leading YOU effectively, and achieving your goals.

And while it’s about doing new things, it’s just as important to STOP Doing things.


🚀The CHALLENGE: Building a Routine That Works for You

The key to effective routines is not about following a rigid set of rules,

It’s about tailoring them to your individual needs and preferences.

Start by identifying the areas in your life where you feel most challenged or out of control.

These could be areas related to your mindset, sleep habits, nutrition, or exercise routine.

Once you’ve identified these areas, start experimenting with small changes that you can realistically sustain.


🌄Morning Routines: Setting the Stage for Success

Your morning routine is the foundation for your day, so make it count.

Mine involve a number of things, key call outs include, some light exercise to boost my energy levels and clear my mind.

I follow that up with a mindfulness practice, such as meditation / Qi Gong, to centre my thoughts and set positive intentions for the day ahead.


🌆Evening Routines: Recharging for Tomorrow’s Challenges

I naturally struggle with sleep

I’ve been wearing an Oura ring in bed for about 6 years now, and my routine, while looks simple, has taken time & tweaking to get here.

I take a sleep stack of natural supplements, to support relaxation

Light reading under a soft light is a great way to naturally let the eyes become tired

I’ve discovered relaxing breathwork in conjunction with some mantras has had a substantial impact on my sleep

That set intentions for the day that’s coming

I chose Resonance breathwork, however there are many to choose from.

Light meals in the evening have also improved my sleep scores, this was a big change for me

The Oura ring feedback has been powerful


🚩Trigger Routines: Managing Emotional Responses

In this world, you’ll inevitably encounter situations (with or without involving people) that trigger emotional reactions.

Cultivating trigger routines can help you navigate these moments with clarity and composure.

Practice identifying your triggers and developing a set of responses that allow you to step back, assess the situation objectively, and respond thoughtfully, rather than reacting impulsively.

This has been a real game changer for me, I’ve learnt what deeply about my emptions tell me ABOUT me,


đŸ‹đŸŒExercise and 🍉Nutrition Routines: Fuelling Your Success

These are also foundational routines and having a good base with them are the building blocks for the above too, supporting better mindset and sleep.

These are super areas of interest for me, and I work with experts in the field, so I can learn how specific foods either support my energy requirements, or on the inverse, take energy away.

đŸ’„Big learning here for me: Just because it’s a fruit or vegetable, doesn’t mean it’s healthy for you.


🔍Conclusion: Routines as Your Secret Weapon

Routines are not about being rigid or inflexible; they’re about creating a framework for success that empowers you to take control of your life and achieve your goals.


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