🔍 Goals: Yes you need a PROCESS
Achieving success, no matter what you are doing, requires a structured approach
Something you can measure and continually refine along the journey.
📈This might involve metrics, which might sound daunting, but it’s a matter of simple planning.

⏩ I didn’t develop this methodology to merely attain goals; 
Rather, it stemmed from a desire to challenge my own LIMITING BELIEFS

🏃🏻I used to despise running, yet I found myself challenged to run a marathon. 
As someone who relished intense sports,
The idea of running slowly for 26 miles was my worst nightmare.👀 

⏩When I used to run a 10km because I thought it was something you needed do to be fit
Halfway around, when I saw a bus going by, I would curse at myself for not remembering to bring bus fair🤯
I often felt time was going backwards.
The prospect of a marathon sent my stress levels soaring.

⏩Discussing this with my brother, who is a great runner, 
He threw ME back at ME, 
Pointing out that setting challenges was inherent to my nature 
And running a marathon would be a mental challenge of excellence.

💪And he was right, so I said lets do it.

So, being a process person, I developed a process,
Not solely to conquer a marathon, but to develop a mechanism to conquer my own doubts.

⏩How did I achieve this?
It began with a deep understanding of myself ,
And how I could infuse my essence into the marathon experience,
❤️Making it MEANINGFUL for ME

SO.. I had to give all the training I was going to do, PURPOSE

⚙I thrive on dissecting and enhancing things,
Much like what I do with businesses.

So, I approached my training regimen with the intent to deconstruct it and optimize each component for improvement, 🌀Ensuring they all compounded over time.

This marked the beginning of the process / system I crafted and evolved over time.
📚I documented this mechanism in detail, even writing a book to fully articulate the principles.

I wrote it for me.
⛰This was my mountain, 
And I was motivated to ensure I didn’t leave 1 brick unturned, mentally as well as physically. 

Over the coming weeks, I’ll share this system with you, step by step, 
Building the roadmap for effective goal achievement.

⏩ Join the Conversation – What are you biggest challenges / limiting beliefs when it comes to goals? 
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