🔊Once you are satisfied with where you are, you are not there anymore🔊

This quote is by the legendary baseball player Tony Gwyn. And it resonates with me on both a personal and business level. For the same reason, it’s all about continually improving, growing, and staying in the stretch zone.

When you reach a given target, that is something you have to work hard at to achieve.  But, after you’ve been there for a while you will start to wonder why it was a challenge before!? And that is the nature of growth!

Like when learning to drive a car, in the beginning, it’s awkward. Especially for those of us who learned to drive a manual stick. And then spatial awareness and dealing with traffic, there are so many variables to master. But at some point it becomes 2nd nature, business and personal growth are no different.

If you are managing a business or a business team, the goal should always be to GROW!

And that happens in phases: 



✅Systematic Scaling

And to break down further, when you build your business vision it would be something you would consider the ideal future version of your business. Then you must bring it back into reality by breaking it down into sizable chunks.

So, you work on achieving your 1st milestone, which is your 1st future state. And when you do, that future state is now your NEW CURRENT state. After spending some time here, ensuring your process and outputs are stable and consistent. Then you’ll move to the next phase.

That starts with reflection and asking questions like: Did we achieve what we set out to do? Is the vision still relevant? Or, what do we do next?  Continually repeat this process, which will lead both you and your business into continual growth. As I keep saying, if you are not moving forward, you are moving backward.

If you have any questions, please get in touch. I am happy to help you!