I help companies generate more profits through systems thinking. I’m an author, recognized thought leader, listed in the top fifty most innovative companies in Ireland, and I’ve been on multiple judging panels choosing the best companies in my country and I’m an engineer by trade, and building systems is what I do. I’m a huge sports fan and always leverage systems thinking to systematically improve everything I do. And I’ve been lucky enough and honored to represent my country. My first business was in renewable energy. We were doing really well until the global recession of 2008. What an introduction to business.

It was then I learned the power of systems thinking when applied to business. My partner and I turned that business around, and I sold my share. Now I teach companies the same skills I developed in my own business. I’ve built a reputation for being honest and over-delivering. I’ve helped large multinationals like Boston Scientific, J&J, SanDisk, and indigenous financial institutions, but nothing is more satisfying than helping small businesses succeed.

The thing is: I use the same formula, the only difference being application and scale. Through my own experiences and that of my clients, I know all the mistakes you should avoid. I constantly talk about these on my blog, through media like Business and Finance, and it’s humbling to know that I have a formula that can truly help. I’ve been recognized as and won awards for being a thought leader on multiple occasions. People believe consultant support is a cost, not a valued service. I’m here to say something different. There is a formula, and help doesn’t have to cost you exorbitant consulting fees. You don’t have to be technical to get results, and my mission is to share this formula and support you on your journey.

❓What is your favorite social media platform, and why?

🔹LinkedIn is where my target audience hangs out. It’s also a great source of learning what leaders and companies want.

❓Tell us about you and your current role or area of interest.

🔹I love to help companies succeed, but the older I get, the more I truly want to help people succeed. I’m a goal setter and achiever, and I’ve written a book about it. This is an area where I will be expanding my services to help leaders succeed.

❓What do you like about your career or area of focus?

🔹I can see my results with my clients, which is transformational for me.

❓What is the best advice you have ever received?

🔹Stop being a people pleaser/what other people think of me is none of my business.

❓What inspires you, motivates you, or helps you to move forward?

🔹Helping Businesses and Leaders succeed, improving my overall health keeps me moving forward.

❓What are you proud of in your life so far?

🔹Setting and achieving challenges that were out of my abilities when starting out. Setting up a business/running a marathon when I hated running.

❓What is your preferred way to meet new people/network?


❓What skills or qualities do you feel have helped you?

🔹To be open to continually learning new things and new ways of improving things. Also, I get great satisfaction out of helping people.

❓What do you wish you had known when you started out?

🔹Tough question, knowing you don’t have to know it all… trust yourself and your process.

❓Who do you most admire in business, academic or creative circles, and why?

🔹My Father, he’s been a great ambassador as a person, a role model as a father, and a great businessman through being honest and trustworthy.

❓Outside of your professional/work area, what hobbies or interests do you have or what other areas of your life are of real importance to you?

🔹Health, personal development, setting challenges, and achieving them.

❓Has the pandemic had a positive or a negative effect on you and/or your business, and how have you been managing it?

🔹Overall positive. I’ve learned to be more grateful for what we have and appreciate the simple things and pleasures in life.

❓Do you have a mentor, or have you ever mentored anyone?

🔹Currently, no, but I have had one in the past; unfortunately, he passed away. I value the role of a mentor.

❓What advice would you have for someone looking to get into the same area of work or interests?

🔹Don’t jump in; spend a bit of time paddling your feet to see how you feel. Making a big jump is a huge commitment, don’t make it lightly.

❓What do you feel is the most common reason for people failing or giving up?

🔹Lack of persistence and belief in themselves.

❓Is there a phrase, quote, or a saying that you really like?

🔹Two, in fact – Number one – Keep moving forward. Number two – pay it forward.

❓What companies, brands, or institutions do you like, or do you think are getting it right?

🔹This is a fun question, especially with what’s happened in the last year. I think Google is up there with their flexible working plans for their teams. LinkedIn also has really upped its game.

❓How do you define success, and what lessons have you learned so far that you could share with our audience/readership?

🔹Success for me is getting the balance between all areas of your life, not just business. People lose sight of that. Finding the sweet spot between all areas for me is crucial for a long, healthy, and happy life.

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