🔊 Great things in business are never done by 1 person, They are done by a team of people 🔊

This is Steve Jobs telling you how to do business.

This is an exceptional quote as the business is all about team engagement. When you work together, everything is better, it’s a team thing. 

This may sound simple and straightforward but you will be surprised how you can lose sight of the simple things.

Like anything in business, what will improve are the things you measure. Team engagement should be one of the KEY metrics on a management dashboard.

I believe the last 18 months have demonstrated that your teams’ matter.

✅ Those that were treated well, went above and beyond for their leaders.

⛔️Those that weren’t didn’t or moved.

Looking Outward is only half the EQUATION.

As I’ve said it’s very easy to look outward and focus on: business development, customers, trading environment…  while forgetting about everything inside. These things are all important, but not at the expense of your teams.  It’s also easy to fall into the trap of thinking. Well, I have every position filled for the business, so everything should work like clockwork as people get paid to do a job.

Going through the motions

But do you want a situation where people just exchange time for money? I don’t think so… 

Building team engagement will bring your team along the journey that has been designed and built together. This is where you will achieve great SYNERGY in your business. Where the sum of the parts will truly outweigh the ‘having the positions filled’

Just like a sports team operates, they will only operate well when everyone is working so well together. When it does, it’s like poetry in motion! Any issues in the dressing room are always visible through a performance. 

Businesses can learn a lot about team engagement from sports and even if you are a small business or solopreneur. Create strong team engagement between your suppliers and customers, turn them into partners. 

Life and business are all about relationships, and great things in business are done by a team of people!

If you have any questions, please get in touch. I’d love to help